We take a look at Metadomo client Suburban and how they are rolling out web3 memberships

Introducing Web3 Memberships

Suburban is an established chain of Chinese and Japanese stores with strong a social media presence. The team were facing increasing acquisition costs and competition for customer attention and were exploring ways to increase engagement when they were introduced to Metadomo via their marketing agency.

Our suggestion was to trial a membership programme with added benefits of web3 interoperability and ownership. A membership NFT programme could be a chance to boost engagement, a sense of community and inevitably increase average order size and life time value.

A collectible Membership works the same as a regular loyalty scheme but with some extra benefits.

  • Customers are issued with Memberships in the form of an NFT at the point of purchase or via the website
  • Customers can use their existing crypto wallets to register or use the existing login system of the brand and Metadomo can create a blockchain wallet on behalf of the user to reduce friction to signup.
  • All customers start on the 1st tier Membership and can level up based on their interaction with the brand.
  • Quests are set which could be hitting a spend target, sharing a branded post on social media or any other target a brand might want to integrate through Metadomo integrations.
  • Hitting targets levels up your membership points and upgrades your level
  • And now the fun part, the rewards. Brands can offer discounts, special event access, celebrity experiences, exclusive merchandise, special access content and even collaborative experiences with complimentary brands

The Metadomo Manager allows for simple creation of powerful web3 membership programmes with an increasing range of integrations 

How Suburban Piloted Metadomo

To pilot the programme Suburban choose to setup a tiered Membership system of Silver, Platium, Gold

These memberships could be distributed by email or Whatsapp directly to existing customers from the Suburban contacts list CRM or offered to new customers at the point of check out online or in store.

Clicking on the acceptance link takes them to a suburban branded Shopify page where they can sign up for an account or login if an existing user. They are then directed to the My account page in Shopify which using the Metadomo plugin shows the NFT membership level and other details. Metadomo creates a custodial wallet or allows the user to connect their own.

This Shopify page also shows the user what benefits they are entitled to, which they can click and redeem.

Suburban chose to start with offering a limited edition bag patch which could be redeemed if you are a gold member and early access discounts for the other tiers.

Using the Metadomo Manager Suburban created specific NFT collections for each tier. They could then assign specific benefits with those tiers via integrations to Shopify and other tools.

Metadomo Manager allso allows the opportunity to collaborate with complimentary brands. Another famous coffee brand with stores close to Suburbans can verify the NFT ownership on chain and offer Suburban members coffee discounts. They hope to open this up to more collaboration.

In the future Suburban hope to incentivise customers to interact with them socially by tracking Instagram follows, sharing which is recorded and linked to increasing their points and tiers.

Metadomo white label wallet for Suburban customers

The Benefits

  • Offering an immediate benefit in the form of an NFT at the point of purchase incentivises customers to sign up to Suburban’s CRM.
  • Benefits offered increases loyalty among customers
  • NFT membership provides a direct to customer approach rather than being middle managed by social media platforms and not truly owning your customers relationship
  • Incentivising social sharing and micro influencing is a form of low cost customer acquisition.
  • Discounts and special offers are a way to keep engagement touchpoints high with the membership community.
  • Customers own their memberships and have future potential to trade the value they have accrued.

Metadomo in use at Suburban stores